G. I. Earthing Electrode

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G. I. Earthing Electrode – Pipe In Pipe

  • Ramban Earthing Industries ( Safe Ground ) is amongst the pioneers in Safe GI Earth Electrodes company.
  • Our GI Earth Electrodes ensure longer life to equipment and machines , safety of humans .
  • Completely maintenance free hence eliminating maintenance cost.
  • Best quality Crystalline conductive compound is pressurized filled and ensuring highest conductivity to withstand any leakage current.
  • Ramban Earthing Industries GEM PLUS Back fill compound is responsible to make Electrode surrounding moisture ritch and creating easy path to current .
  • Depending upon the soil , back fill compounds are selected to ensure rich moisture area around Electrode.
  • Hot Dip galvanization is performed to ensure the longer life of the earth electrodes to protect from corrosion.

Though GI earth electrodes are prone to corrosion but Power make hot dipped GI earth electrodes have uniform thickness of Galvanized ion which results to post pone corrosion and hence gives prolonged life of earthing and are optimum value for money solution.

  • Extended Electrode Life
  • Trouble Free Installation
  • Maintenance – Zero
  • Best Performance
  • Highest reliable
  • Low maintenance and low space requirement.
  • Designed for fast fault current dissipation.
  • Corrosion protection by hot dip galvanisation.
  • Easy and Fast installation
  • Most suitable for electrode condition with oh value between 5.0 to 8.0
  • Moisture booster chemical bag provided for low earth resistance
  • No need to pour water
  • Maintenance free Earthing Electrode.
  • Lightning Protection systems.
  • Prevention of accidents caused by static charges and stray current.
  • Protection of central communication, electronic and AC power systems.
  • Lightning Protection systems.
  • Meeting grounding safety requirement for electrical substation.
  • For Neutral Earth Systems.
Models Electrode Length in mm Electrode Diameter in mm (Outer Pipe) Electrode Diameter in mm (Inner Pipe) Terminal Size (LxW) in mm Conductive Minerals Filled
REI-GI-1 2000 50 25 32×10 Yes
REI-GI-2 3000 50 25 32×10 Yes
REI-GI-3 2000 80 50 50×10 Yes
REI-GI-4 3000 80 50 50×10 Yes
  • Process control and automation.
  • Government ,Military,and defence
  • Petrochemical ,CNG,and Nuclear Facilities.
  • Data Centre ,Telecom and Broadcasters.